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February 07, 2013

In attendance: Roxanne Green, Patricia Miller, Mike Miller, Ken Exum, Rick Lawsha, Matt Jacobson
Mr. Lawsha discussed current projects underway.
  • Phone installation is almost complete at K-8 buildings/classrooms. GHS will be next, and will require significant attention, labor & time due to a variety of issues. Patience is respectfully requested.
  • The District has begun to examine one-to-one device options. Deploying iPads on a large scale may require more time and labor than our current tech staff can support. It is believed that a Windows 8 device, such as Microsoft's Surface Pro or Dell Latitude 10 Pro tablets, or similar devices, may offer a simpler solution. It was suggested that such an operating system may help reduce the "learning curve" associated with the device, as it will be very similar to what students and their teachers (and administrators, tech staff, etc.) are currently used to in school environments. It was suggested that current publications seem to be dominated by iOS applications, followed closely by Android, etc., with Windows platforms lagging behind. Matt shared that currently almost all textbook publishers offer browser-based, HTML5 and/or PDF versions of textbooks, which are platform-agnostic and will work with any device, and reps from only one publisher have shared that new editions of textbooks will have only iOS apps. Considerable debate & discussion focused on this topic. Clearly, much more local research needs to be done on this very important issue related to one-to-one deployment.
  • The District's automated messaging system, Skylert, will be activated very soon - within the coming month. We will begin with voice-alerts only, and roll out text and email alerts after that. The difficulty is that there are a number of errors in our current contact information database, due largely to lack of widespread adoption of Skyward Family Access. In other words, we have very good data for those parents who are using Family Access or who keep their child's school updated with current information, but our mobility rate continues to frustrate our efforts to maintain the most current contact information for many. When online registration via Skyward is enabled, and parents learn the benefits of Family Access on a much broader scale, we are confident that our database will be more accurate and parents will receive more timely alerts.
  • The rest of the time was spent discussing the 2013-2016 Technology Integration Plan, which is due February 28, 2013. Matt posted draft language for the goal, strategies, and activities associated with curriculum, professional development, and technology deployment, and asked the group to assist with the crafting of monitoring and assessment strategies and activities. However, considerable time and discussion focused on d editing the activities & strategies presented instead. Matt will attempt to take the team's suggestions into consideration as much as possible as the deadline rapidly approaches. (No guarantees are offered or implied, gang. Doin' my best here...)
  • The meeting adjourned at 5:30 p.m.

December 03, 2012

October 29, 2012

September 2012

Attendees: Marily Achelpohl, Tricia Miller, Holly Pantle, Bart Arthur, Rick Lawsha, Mike Miller, Matt Jacobson


December 1, 2010

  • Welcome
  • Old Business
    • Tech Plan & Mid-Course Correction Update
    • Accelerated Reader update
    • Learn360 Update
  • New Business
    • Corrective Action and Technology goals
    • Staff Technology Survey - preview & edit
    • Student Technology Survey - preview & edit
    • Other?

October 14, 2010

In attendance: M. Achelpohl, G. Cahill, J. Estes, R. Green, R. Lawsha, T. Miller, H. Pantle, M. Jacobson
  1. Mid Course Correction Review: 2010-2013 Technology Integration Plan (Tech Plan, or T.I.P.). This activity is required annually. It was pointed out that the dollar figures noted in this plan represent collections of information provided by building and District personnel. The T.I.P. is not a request for additional funding.During our review, a few minor changes were discussed to wording and timing of monitoring. Matt will be scheduling walk-throughs and a focus group meeting within the next month. However, no major changes were suggested, and no dollar figures were altered from our existing plan. Matt will consult our the Area III Tech Hub for guidance, and if needed will post corrections as advised.
  2. Corrective Action: The District has recently been notified of its Corrective Action status. There was some conern that, since the District Improvement Plan and Tech Plan templates were to be merged, we might have to re-submit the Tech Plan annually along with the required yearly District Improvement Plan. The Area III Tech Hub has informed us that, in the proverbial "eleventh hour," ISBE decided to not merge the two templates. Therefore, Corrective Action Status does not affect our Tech Plan. Our approved TIP will continue to be in-effect, 2010-2013. .
  3. Other:
    • Mrs. Miller shared Power Point presentations that her 4th grade students (and younger) have been working on. Keep up the great work, and thank you for sharing!
    • K-1 Computers: Mrs. Green requested information about connecting older District-owned computers to our network and wireless Internet access. It is permissible for Grades K-1 teachers using older District-owned computers to utilize the District's wireless Internet connections, provided they are willing to purchase the USB Wireless adapters themselves, and that they submit a Tech Help Request to complete the secure network access process. Personally-owned laptops & other equipment will not be connected to the District #205 network, however.
    • Accelerated Reader (AR): Mrs. Green requested clarification on the status of Accelerated Reader. AR remains, as always, a building-level licensing decision & budget item. The recent professional development regarding effective use of AR was offered at the request of building administrators who were paying for the software, and was conducted in-house by teachers who were known to be using it effectively. The training did NOT imply that District-wide implementation was being explored in any way. However, Mr. Estes offered to Discuss AR utilization & interest at an upcoming Administrators Council meeting, and Matt will include a probe to gague interest in AR on the upcoming Tech Survey to allow teachers to weigh in on the issue. This issues with AR are NOT with server space, but with annual licensing fees and lack of funding available from the State of Illinois. Matt will also discuss with Mr. Cahill if committee members' idea of "software leasing" is available.
    • Lab Management Software: GHS labs have recently been updated to Windows 7, and it has been discovered that current lab management software is not compatible with the new operating system in 4 labs. Mrs. Achelpohl will gather information and costs associated with upgrading this software and report to Mr. Lawsha. He will then discuss how GHS would like to proceed with GHS administration, as they have historically operated independently of the District on such matters.
    • LEARN360: Mr. Lawsha reported that the amount of data contained on the LEARN360 server is enormous. Currently 173 users are registered in our LEARN360 pilot group. Since inception, 1,680 videos/clips have been streamed and 392 videos/clips have been downloaded. The majority of our users are at the middle grades levels, with nearly all of Lombard staff participating and about half of Churchill staff participating. Interest and use at GHS is growing. It was noted that Dawn Malcolm at CJHS is experimenting with distributing and collecting online assignments via LEARN360 with her 2 technology classes. While the process takes quite a bit of learning by both teachers and students, it is working to a limited degree. Matt will report updated information at future meetings.
  4. Next Meeting: Matt will notify members at least two weeks in advance of our next meeting as needed.


March 11, 2010

1. Welcome - In attendance:
2. Review Minutes (below)
3. Old Business
  • "Dark Fiber" update
  • Title I Update
  • Technology Integration Plan Update
  • Other?
4. New Business
Streaming Video Solutions

School Loop: Free Website Hosting -
Tabled to discuss other New Business

5. Next Meeting:
6. Adjourn

Feb. 10, 2010

1. Welcome:
In attendance - Tricia Miller, Mike Miller, Rick Lawsha, Matt Jacobson, Roxanne Green, Marilyn Achelpohl

2. Review Minutes (below) -
Suggestion: Create "Recommendations" page for District Tech Committee on Dist Web Site, submit to BOE, etc. Otherwise accepted.
3. Update on Community Tech Focus Group -
Information from Focus Group tab was shared. Members present at the Focus Group meeting shared their observations. Next Focus Group meeting will be March 10, 2010
4. Suggestion: defer Old Business to March meeting unless time allows more discussion this evening -
5. Work Session: TIP Review
  • Rubric
  • Discussion -Minor edits were made to wording, budget figures, etc., but time ran out before we could thoroughly examine every aspect of the Tech Integration Plan. Members present will continue to look things over and suggest edits (in all our free time - LOL). Suggestions/changes will be forwarded to Matt for consideration. Matt will make suggested changes and forward on to Tech Hub Director Cyndie McCarley for further suggestions. Matt will file the TIP no later than Friday, Feb. 26, 2010 (Prior to the March 1 deadline).
6. Next Meeting: Suggestion -
Thursday, March 11, 2010
7. Adjourn

January 13, 2010

1. Welcome: Pam VanKirk (Galesburg Public Library), Jim Rich (Carl Sandburg College Adult Literacy Coordinator), Marilyn Achelpohl, Roxanne Green, Tricia Miller, Ken Exum, Mike Miller, Jim Allen, Joel Estes, Rick Lawsha, Matt Jacobson
2. Approval of Minutes
3. Old Business -
Tabled to discuss New Business

  • Other?
4. New Business -

Guy Cahill visited with us for a few moments to announce that the District was beginning to explore the use of "dark fiber" Internet connection for the District, and develop a partnership or consortiuum with community resources to help defray costs.
The committee reminded Matt that a Community Focus meeting would be a good idea. See the Focus Group Tab on the left for more information on this idea.

The data below was reviewed by the committee. It was noted that there are currently no required technology courses at our schools. It was suggested that we encourage schools to look for ways to set aside time to tech technology skills in labs, and the younger, the better.

Mr. Rich reported that he and other Carl Sandburg College representatives suggest we look at using more open-source software, such as OpenOffice, GoogleDocs, etc. At CSC, students are shown how to use basic technology tools, Balckboard/WebCT, etc. Keyboarding is a real issue that they would like to see our schools help them address. It was noted that online tutorials might be better than nothing, but would in no way be a substitute for true typing instruction.

Ms. VanKirk reported that the Public Library staff often helps patrons with email, navigating web sites, and using chat programs. They also are exploring - and encourage us to explore - more paperless communication tools.

Currently the schools offer some open library and computer lab time, but these are only available after school. High School and Middle Schools offer some use of computer labs through Advisory classes, but otherwise the labs are used only when teachers sign up to bring classes to them. Mobile labs are being used to some degree at secondary schools, as well. There is one Technology class at each middle school, but they vary in focus, approach, and grad level taught. It was suggested that GHS and other schools offer a "zero-hour" computer class before (or after) school.

Mr. Lawsha reminded the group that every student has a network folder in which to store files for use during school hours from school computers. The group asked if there was a way to develop a "drop box" so students could virtually "hand in" assignments to teachers. (Currently most teachers do not have access to information in student folders.)

The group agreed that the District, including administrators and teachers at all grade levels, should be made aware of NETS-S standards and how to aliign their classrooms and lessons with them.

It was agreed to move forward with the goals of the existing Tech Plan, updating language as needed, with increased emphasis on NETS-S Standards


5. Next Meeting Date:
Wednesday, February 10
6. Adjourn

December 9, 2009

Cancelled due to inclement weather

November 10, 2009

1. Welcome
2. Approval of Minutes -
3. Old Business
  • Internet Safety Mandate FAQs:We reviewed the specifics of ISBE's recent posting of frequently asked questions.
  • Update on Streaming Video solutions:Matt has not had time to work on this. Will try to report @ next meeting
  • Master Facilities CommitteeUpdate:reviewed MFC wiki and read through a few of the comments/wish lists posted. DTC members are encouraged to read through these at their convenience.

4. New Business
  • Internet Safety Contest: ISBE has included our Internet Safety Curriculum web site as an example of best-practice! Matt provided copies of the just-released details for ISBE's Internet Safety Contest. We will incorporate this into our curriculum/activites, as it will help to satisfy both the Internet Safety mandate AND one of our remaining Tech Plan goals.
  • Tech Integration Plan:Matt is working on completing the DRAFT TIP, which should be completed before Nov. 31. Our next steps will be to collect & tabulate survey data and develop our Action Plan goals & budgets. More to come...
  • Parent Tech Survey:the Parent Survey has already been administered at Conferences; K-8. More are arriving daily. Matt will have information for you at the next meeting.
  • Title I & ARRA plans:Joel & Rick discussed our plans for K-8 Title I dollars. We are planning to upgrade all K-8 teachers' machines, including new towers, LCD monitors, and a document camera, in every regular education classroom. Monies may also be available update wiring and provide expanded access to students.
  • Title II-D ideas:Since Title I monies will be concentrated with the elementary schools, Matt & Rick will work together to use these funds solely in the 6-12 buildings.
  • Other?

5. Next Meeting: Wednesday, December 9, 2009; 4-5 p.m.
6. Adjourn

October 7, 2009

  • Welcome -
    In attendance, Ken Exum, Patricia Miller, Marilyn Achelpohl, Roxanne Green, Rick Lawsha, Matt Jacobson
  • Approval of Minutes -
  • Old Business

      • Mid Course Correction/discussion -Discussed pursuing more Media Specialists for elementary schools. Will continue with current goals - no mid-course correction required.
      • Survey discussion -Existing survey instrument was edited to streamline questions/responses. Matt will look into state requirements/suggestions to ensure compatibility.
      • Other?
    1. New Business
      • Master Facilities CommitteeUpdate -Matt updated the group on the goals of this committee, and we perused the MFC wiki
      • Discovery Streaming(suggested by Dr. Denisar) -current licensing costs are excessive for immeidate adoption. Matt will research current licensing for this and other sites (Learn360, etc.) for report at next meeting
## Next Meeting: suggestion -
November 10
    1. Adjourn

September 9, 2009

In attendance: Joel Estes, Rick Lawsha, Tricia Miller, Mike Miller, Roxanne Green, Matt Jacobson
Approved (see below - April 09)

    • Technology Integration Plan Overview:Memebers received a hard-copy of our current Technology Integration Plan and Action Plan.
Homework: At our next meeting we will discuss any needed mid-course corrections and complete needed paperwork. Members also received a hard-copy of the last version of the Tech Survey. More Homework:
    • At our next meeting we will discuss what items can be removed and what needs to be added to this survey. Request was made to include language covering calculator use. Plan re-write will be due next February.
    • Find template here (https://iircdemo.niu.edu/EPlans/Login.aspx?level=District&l=D&districtID=33048205026 - click on Technology Integration Plans)
    • Other:Accelerated Reader - discussed web-based vs. local server host. We3b Based is more $$, but must remain a building-by-building decision Wireless equipment has been obtained. Wireless acces could be district-wide during the course of this year. The use of netbooks may be explored in the district during the coming years. (Definite need at LMS; Gale has a cart but no computers for it) All students now have server-based folders so they can access their data anywhere in the district. Student logon procedures have been simplified to assist younger student-users. Teachers can reset student passwords as needed - Matt & Rick will work together to publicize this feature. Expanding membership of this committee was discussed, to include 1-2 more elementary teachers (K-2 classroom) and 1-2 more secondary teachers (6-12 LA/SS) ----


April 16, 2009

In attendance: Marilyn Achelpohl(GHS), Roxanne Green (Gale), Tricia Miller (Gale/Steele), Rick Lawsha (Tech Dept), Paul Woehlke (Finance/Ops), Matt Jacobson (Curric), Mike Miller (GHS)Approved
Tech&Learning press release:
After being approached by Tech& Learning magazine for quotes on how our stimulus money would be used, CO admins drafted a press release. The statement basically said that we would wait until that $$ actually appeared in our coffers before making plans on how to use it.
TICC Update
​: TICC ad hoc group finished and published its work. Results can be viewed here: https://tech205.wikispaces.com/TICC
Survey Results: ​ Viewed and discussed results from spring Tech Needs Assessment. There are glitches in the survey instrument, which Matt and the DTC will work out before submitting to staff next year. Next year's survey is vital to help drive the re-write ot the Tech Integration Plan, which is due by the end of the school year.
Tech Competition/Showcase 2010
: Trisha and Matt discussed preliminary plans for the proposed Tech Showcase 2010. It was suggested to remove the "competition" from this endeavor to help increase particiation. Ideas for prizes/participation incentives were discussed. Educator submissions to the Showcase will need to include full lesson plan documentation, and will be included in a "Tech Toolkit," a collection of resources to help promote increased integration of technology across the curriculum. ​ ​
Fall Institute Ideas:
Tabled due to time contraints

March 19, 2009

1) Welcome –
In attendance: Marilyn Achelpohl(GHS), Roxanne Green (Gale), Trisha Miller (Gale/Steele), Rick Lawsha (Tech Dept), Paul Woehlke (Finance/Ops), Matt Jacobson (Curric), and New Members: Mike Miller (GHS) and Dr. Jim Allen (Churchill JHS)

2) Minutes from last meeting (Approved)
3) Celebrating Successes
a) Tech&Learning article in April regarding District 205’s SMART Board implementation – part of larger article about interactive white boards b) We examined some excellent teacher-created blogs, including Mrs. Green’s & Lincoln Studies’.
c) TICC: Technology Integration Curriculum Committee is in-progress. The group is using the Barrington template that DTC approved at the December meeting. They are also using a wiki to collaboratively edit the documents. Their next meeting is Monday, March 30
4) Identifying Challenges

a) Survey Results: Matt provided DTC members a packet of charts generated from the Feb/Mar’09 Zoomerang survey. The group chose to table this discussion until next meeting to spend more time on the topic below.
b) Progress toward Tech Integration Plan Goals: Paul, Rick, and Matt took the group through the goals of the District’s Technology Integration Plan. Paul Woehlke noted that generally we have done a very good job overall of making progress toward achieving these goals.

Areas in which we haven’t fully achieved our goals yet:
(B.1.2) Current budgets do not allow us to hire continuing full-time Library/Tech Specialists for all buildings.
(B.1.3) Tech Skills Competition has not yet begun, but will likely start in 2009/10 (see below)
(D.1.2) Guidelines for Student Technology Portfolios will be woven into the work of the Tech Integration Committee. Once the curriculum is in-place, the TICC will designate TYPES of student work that might be included to show student mastery of skills.

5) Creating Solutions
a) The group viewed new websites created/under construction for a number of pre-K-5 schools in the district.
b) Rick Lawsha will examine using Title II-D or other funds to upgrade servers to accommodate expanded file storage for both students and teachers. This will help in attainment of goal D.1.2 (above).
c) Mr. Woehlke suggested that more SMART Boards might be available to the district than previously thought due to a large-volume contract currently being negotiated between District 205, SMART, and Bradfield’s Computer Supply. This has not been finalized – dependent on funding available from D205 budget.
d) Mr. Lawsha informed us that he is currently working out details with Microsoft that could upgrade most district computer software to Microsoft Office 2007 titles (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.). The next MS operating system (Vista or Version 7) may also be available to district computers with appropriate hardware configurations. Rick also shared that this contract may include a Home Use Agreement for Office programs, wherein teachers can purchase (for a very small fee) disks to install the same software on their home computers as well. This has not been finalized – dependent on funding available from D205 budget.
e)Matt is working on developing pilot groups and purchasing licenses for the use of WikiSpaces and EduBlogs. These two services would allow teachers to create interactive web pages for their classrooms, team, pod, and/or course(s), encouraging increased interaction among teachers, parents, and the community at large through the use of a blog and/or wiki.
f) Matt briefly showed the group how to use a WikiSpaces site to suggest items for the DTC agenda. Matt briefly showed a sample EduBlogs site as well.
g) Matt and Trisha Miller will meet Tuesday, March 31, to begin preliminary planning for next year’s Technology Skills Competition

Next Meeting: Thursday, April 16, 2009, 4-5 p.m., Lincoln Ed Ctr Board Room

February 2009

no meeting scheduled due to overloaded schedules throughout the District.

Jan. 14, 2009

meeting cancelled due to Snow Day

Dec. 15, 08 mtg

Most of our time was spent examining NETS-S and other Technology Curriculum documents. The committee decided to use the Barrington sample documents as templates for the curriculum that District 205 teachers would create. Our next steps will be to form the Technology Integration Curriculum Committee and ask them to begin the editing of these documents with teachers at their buildings. The next meeting was set for January 14, 2009.
December 15. 2008; 4-5 p.m. @ Board Office
I. Welcome
II. Minutes from last mtg
III. Celebrating Success
IV. Identifying Challenges
V. Creating Solutions
IV. Next Meeting
IIV. Adjourn