NOTE: An "X" indicate the skill level kids should be able to demonstrate by the end of each grade level, according to the work done by teachers at your school.

Students will exhibit the following skills by the end of First grade
Basic Computer Functions:
1. Open and close applications and files


2. Scroll up and down


3. Log on and off


4. Use mouse to click and drag


5. Save files to Desktop/My Documents


6. Print a file

7. Use tool bar icons

8. Maximize and minimize a window

9. Copy and paste between applications

11. Use print and print preview functions

12. Manage toolbars (turn on, off, view, locate, and rearrange)

Application Usage/ Basic Network Functions:
1. Choose appropriate drawing or writing program

2. Access files and applications from the server

3. Save files to disk/server/network folder

Keyboarding (Typing):
1. Demonstrate keyboarding skills through instructional programs

2. Type 15 wpm at 90% accuracy

Ethical Behavior
1. Follow teacher’s computer directions and rules

2. Use appropriate treatment of hardware

3. Work cooperatively and collaboratively

4. Understand the concept of plagiarism

5. Cite sources of sites/photos used during research

Students will exhibit the following skills…
Research and Reference Tools
1. Navigate a website using the homepage and back button

2. Use an electronic encyclopedia

3. Enter a URL

4. Use a search engine

5. Bookmark a site

6. Use Internet to find information

7. Use an electronic card catalog

Word Processing:
1. Use document formatting such as margins, line spacing, and indents

2. Use character formatting such as font size and color

3. Import graphics

4. Use spell check

5. Highlight and delete text

6. Use find functions

7. Use paragraph formatting such as margins, page breaks and headers and footers

8. Use drawing tools

9. Organize ideas and graphics using tables

10. Use bullet function to create an outline

Spreadsheets and Databases:
1. Input data

2. Graph and chart data

3. Use cell formatting tools, such as decimals, dollar signs, and commas

4. Insert and name multiple worksheets in a file

5. Construct custom formulas, use built-in functions, and use fill to handle simple calculations

6. Use sort functions

Presentation Tools
1. Create text-based information

2. Import graphics

3. Create multimedia presentations with text and graphics

4. Create multimedia presentations including the Internet

Other Technology Tools:
1. Use digital cameras

Many thanks to Ben Grey at Barrington CUSD #220 ( ) for allowing us to use their template.
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