Tech Skills Matrix

Edited (4/27) Draft:

Technology Integration Curriculum Committee Meeting
Educational Technology Center @ Sandburg Mall
April 27, 2009 – 3:45 to 4:45 p.m.

  1. Welcome
  2. Minutes from previous meeting: No discussion/Approved
  3. Goal: Consensus on Overview Document
a. Wording of skills
b. Addition, deletion, & coordination of skills? (“Heaps & Holes”)
c. Grade levels for Beginning/Developing/Consistently Applies
d. Identify needed resources
We had an excellent discussion of our scope & sequence matrix. See attachment above for suggested edits. We discussed some resources available for typing (DanceMat and KidKeys). We eliminated some redundant skills and deleted references to the use of scanners. We also added the term “with teacher assistance” to the description of “Developing”
  1. Next Steps: Review Internet Safety Resources (or, “One of Matt’s Summer Projects”)
We’ll discuss these resources at our next meeting. With the Committee’s input, Matt will compile a list of resources to make available to all teachers in all schools at the beginning of the year to ensure we are in compliance with the new law.
  1. May Meeting Date? May 11 – Matt will arrange a location.

Technology Integration Curriculum Meeting
Agenda: Monday, March 30, 2009
Minutes Are In RED
1. Welcome
2. Review Minutes of last meeting: APPROVED
3. Work Session
a. Divide into groups
b. Reach consensus on appropriate Mastery level for each skill @ each grade level – Consensus is goal – okay if we don’t actually “reach” it!
c. Post to wiki or develop MS Word document – Matt will re-send wiki passwords & login directions. Watch the video on the home page for an explanation of how a wiki can be useful!
d. Many teams are nearly finished! Great Work!
e. Time will be allocated at next meeting to finish. Some teachers asked if they could finish on their own prior to the next meeting. Other asked if they would be compensated for time spent outside of committee working on this document. Matt will look into this and advise ASAP.
f. High School document will be very cumbersome at this stage. We will continue to work with a K-8 team, with Corrine (GHS) remaining on TICC in an advisory capacity. Corrine: send in any completed documents you might receive, but tell the rest of the GHS staff to put this effort on-hold for now.
4. Parking Lot
a. Where do CALCULATOR Skills fit in?
i. Discussion: Should this be part of Math Curriculum or Technology Integration Curriculum?
ii. Calculators are very different at different grade levels – sometimes too complicated for grade level
b. Resource Costs - Time & $$, hardware, software, personnel
c. Other
i. Will students have access to server or use of flash drives, etc.?
1. Rick Lawsha is working on allocating server spaces to student folders that will “follow” kids through grades k-12.
ii. Make logins easier instead of [generic complex password]. Can simpler passwords be used in elementary school, getting more complex as kids move though grades?
iii. Will students/teachers be able to logon to server from home? Will teachers be able to access student folders, etc.? Would Moodle/WebCT Blackboard be a viable alternative for this?
5. Next steps
a. Matt J will collate & format. Once this is complete, I will email the edited copies to you. You’ll also be able to see them on the wiki.
b. Please review all grades and suggest changes as needed
c. Find gaps
d. Identify resources/materials needed to pull this off!
e. Begin gathering ideas for project/activity guide (See below)
6. April Meeting Date
Suggestion: April 27 @ 3:45 pm in Joel Estes' Office


Please have a look at these documents from Microsoft. These are very good lessons and projects that we might integrate into our curriculum!